Sunday, September 4, 2011

Miss Boyette's Second Grade!

Welcome to Miss Boyette's 2nd grade Class! I do not use any overhead lights, so you will see lots of lamps and Christmas lights in my classroom! The kids love it, and so do I!

Here is the computer station and our literacy station rotation chart.

 A close up of our Literacy Station Chart. I include pictures of each of my students so they can keep up with where they go for the day!
Here is our class word wall and calendar area. To the left on the red pocket chart, I have the objectives listed in teacher and student language.

Here is more of the calendar area, and my library. The kids love the pillows and stuffed animals! My books are labeled by the box the students get them from. Each student has a clip with his/her name, and when they "check out" a book from our library, they place their clip on the basket from which it came!

Here is our listening station, complete with the "I Can" chart made by the students!

Our math station rotation chart is in the yellow pocket chart. I am still working on adding the students' pictures to this, like I did for the literacy stations. To the right is our chunking word wall. Also, this is where my poetry station is. The kids love it!

My guided reading table. The poster behind is a "Noise O Meter," which I got the idea from Pinterest!

And here is our whole group area. This is also where the fluency/big book station is. The kids love reading big books, as well as charts we have made in class!

This is our writing station! Since my window is not the most gorgeous ever, I added fun dots with clothespins to hang student writing on!
Here are some charts we have made together in class!

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