Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fun in First Grade

Here's a little tour of my first grade classroom.
Come on in!

This is my door. I love a good pun. So when I saw this one on Pinterest, I had to steal borrow it.

This is the back half of the room. That shelf holds workbooks, paper and math centers.

These are our Literacy Centers. The kids do them all on the floor. I'm all about centers you can clean up quickly and put away!

This is the view from the door.

The back cabinets and our "Character Wall of Fame." This pic is a couple weeks old. There are now some names up there. I use this as positive reinforcement in my room. They love to see their names up there :)

This is our calendar and carpet area.

The "no-kid" zone. Just kidding. Kind of.

Our front board with spelling words, objectives and CUPS posters.

The reading corner and our new book recommendation poster we're going to try out soon.

The reading strategies wall above our guided reading table.

Our Text Connections posters. These babies are well-loved.

Another view.

And, a small glimpse at the Word Wall and computer area.

These just make me happy. I heart labels.

Okay, I think that's all. Thanks for taking a tour of my room!


  1. You already know this, but I LOVE your room! It's so clean and crisp looking. It's so inviting. :)

  2. I just found your blog and I am now one of your newest followers. I like your classroom door because it would fit my classroom and blog theme! Looks like we are both new to this blogging club! Best of luck this school year.


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